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From Amanda, Age 21

Ht. 5'8", Start: 225 lb, Today: 169 lb, Goal: 160 lb - okay so I've come to the sad realization that no one really posts on here anymore. Not to mention, no one really posts on other peoples posts. Kinda lame, don't you think? Anyway, I don't really care about that because I'm going to post on here everyday anyways as kind of a... way to keep track of how I'm doing. It's easy to lie to yourself and say you did okay when you really didn't, so here I'll fess up to what I've done wrong and what not. I got down to 165 like 2 weeks ago but with PMS comes the munchies and weight gain, as usual. Seriously, I need to stop this "5 pounds up, 5 pounds down" cycle. I've been doing it for months. I want to get under 165 and stay there and keep going down for once. My first goal is 160.. from there 155, then 150, and possibly 145 if i'm not small enough at 150. (It's too early to tell). Hopefully I can stick with this. I've gotten back into the habit of writing down everything I eat, so hopefully that will hold me accountable for any loss or non-loss lol Hope everyones doing great, and come on people lets get posting!! lol