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From Shari, Age 19

Ht. 5'4", Start: 291 lb, Today: 281 lb, Goal: 180 lb - Well this week has been up and down for me... last Sunday (June 14th) was my birthday... I was dressed to freakin kill... lol My friends and I went out to dinner (my friend invited this guy and he messed up my big day >:() Afterward we ditched him and went to the club ... my friends car got broken into so I at midnight when I turned 19 I was in the police station's lobby ... got a number from an officer who turned out to be old as hell!!! lol he bought me lunch monday and by thursday he "dumped" me lol... I guess he tried to let me down easy thinking I was gonnna cry... but I was thinkin of a way to get rid of him ... I started my summer job its fun... I only went to thr gym twice last week but this week I will have to amp it up... I need an EFFECTIVE DIET plan... i am sooooooooooooo close to fitting into this pair of pants that I bought last year... everything is gettin looser but Im so afraid to look at the scale... When I get paid I wanna go on a shopping spree... Im movin out goin to college and moving into the dorms... woot! so I wanna look HOT!!! Speaking of hot this summer is really hot but I dont wear short sleeves at all... help me please!!! The shortest sleeves I have are at my elbow because I hate my arms...I also need to get rid of stretch marks for the summer...