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From Jaime, Age 19

Ht. 5'9", Start: 350 lb, Today: 350 lb, Goal: 180 lb - Hello everyone I am 19 years old weighing 350 pounds. I would like to lose between 3-5 pounds a week (I know this is possible). I have a intern in Florida as an lifeguard for Disney in August and I will be very embarrassed to wall around in a swim suit looking the way I look at the moment. Also being the size that I am I am unable to ride the rides at the amusement park. Currently I am in college and it is very hard for me to make it to the gym. I walk around a very large campus daily (this is about the only type of exercise that I do daily). I used to play a lot of sports (basketball & swimming and diving) so I believe I have a lot of muscle on me. However, I have about 3 times more fat than muscle. I am unsure on how to go about losing weight. I have pretty good eating habits (in my opinion). I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also only drink water (well over 8 glasses a day). I also have three balance meals a day (sometimes only two). Since I am unable to make it to the gym I want to try to exercise for at least an hour on my WII FIT daily. However, I need motivation to do so. Sometimes I get bored with the game and stop only after ten minutes. I also at times find myself spending most of the hour in the fun balance games. I would like to work with someone one on one and try to work out together using WII FIT (maybe on webcam if that’s possible). I think motivation is a key part of a weight loss plan and I believe that Is what I need. I also need to know exactly what I should be doing on the WII FIT for a good work out (I am clueless what a good workout is). Below I have listed the different aerobic exercises for WII FIT Short Distance Run 10 Minute Run Free Run 2 Minute Hula-hoop 5 Minute Hula-hoop 2 Minute Basic Step 10 Minute Advance Step Free Step Up To 30 Minutes (this is where you walk on and off the stepper while watching your favorite TV show) you can reach me on AOL (Jaime11Jones) or YIM (Jaimenjones) night and day thank you I hope to hear from everyone soon good luck!