Continuation from Jon, Age 20 - 10/5/02

My goal is 175, which is right for my height and age. It wasn't easy; it took a lot of hard work and discipline. i had to motivate myself, since others won't always do it for you; they usually only ridicule or tease you. Or they say " you gotta lose weight". I KNOW! They don't have to tell me! I've learned that the secret to losing weight is not losing weight at all! The secret is making a change in your lifestyle. You have to change the way you eat and look at food. You have to manage how much you eat and make sure you are eating fresh, healthy foods. You also have to make a change in your activity. you have to exercise regulary. For some, it may be different, but they say you should exercise at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes if you want to get results. Believe me, you will feel better. Don't think of it as exercise. Try this analogy: do you brush your teeth every day? Do you eat and drink water every day? Do you get sleep everynight? Do you breath oxygen? Unless your in a coma, you probably answered yes to all the above. So what about activity/exercise? That should be part of the list too! You have to take care of your body, just like you do with your rest at night, cleaning your teeth, going to the bathroom, and drinking to stay hydrated. It needs to be part of your routine. The more you start thinking this way, the easier it will get to make a change in your lifestyle. It's really great that they have support groups like these, because you need support. Remember, you can do it! I did! many others on this site did! Richard Simmons did! =) hehehe. It's all in your mind; you just have to grasp it and control it. I know it's tough and it is easier said than done. It is easy to start a program and then give up after a week, or if the scale says you haven't lost a pound, or if the bully Jimmy at school still gives you a hard time! Don't let them. You need to stick to it! Keep it up and good luck to everyone out there! I just started volunteering at a local YMCA to help kids, teens, and adults who were just like me and want to feel better about themselves and control their weight and self-image.