From Ali (continued)

I've never had a boyfriend and I always blamed it on my looks. Well this year has changed. I finally realized that despite what all the media says, you have to love yourself first. Now I'm going through a trial of who am I? But this was all during the summer. I guess I should describe myself. I am 5'8 and I *was* around 230 lbs. When I read that on the scale once, I cried. Now I'm around 220. I was shocked when I saw that. What finally turned me around? I wasn't sure. But I DO have a plan now. I gave myself three rules. 1) Drink plenty of water 2) Cut down on Junk food 3) Exercise daily! The three things all the health experts tell you to do anyway. But that is still pretty loose. So I told myself to eat 3 meals a day. It averaged out (since I stay up late) That I eat a meal every four hours. And to be full after each meal, I had a peice of fruit and/or a vegetable every meal. I drink at least 64oz of water each day, and take my dog for a walk every night. It was a lifestyle change that I didn't realize was changing my body, until I went to put on a regular pair of pants and they were a little looser then normal! I was shocked. And living in a house with all 'obese' people, we didn't have a scale. So I went to a friends and used her scale. I had lost 10 lbs! Without even realizing it. I am still sticking to it. I realize when I set my meals up this way, when I feel "hungry" even though I just ate, I have a meal to go after. So I try to keep busy. It's changed my life and all my friends and family have noticed. I plan to keep going, just because I feel so much healtheir and confident! Maybe my story will help you. is my e-mail if you would like more detail or more inspiration/help. LOVE YOURSELVES! And don't let the media, or ANYONE else tell you how to feel. good luck!